My Journal

A couple of months ago, I stopped over to my mom’s house while her and my aunts were going through my grandma’s photos. My grandma passed away in 2010. I miss her a lot. I came across a date book from the late 1980’s. My grandma had an entry for many of the days in that book. The entries were simple and to the point. She jotted down if someone called or if she had coffee with a friend. Little notes about if she cleaned the kitchen, baked cookies for a church function or got a letter from a family member. She also documented the tragic day that my uncle passed away. I found this all so fascinating and I’m so thankful that she did this.

And so, I decided I wanted to start jotting down what happens during my day. Even if “nothing” is going on. I’m finishing up my 2nd month and I’ve already gone back and read a bit from the beginning. I have a terrible memory and so I found myself saying, “Oh, yeah!” I want to continue writing down my days and noting the little things that happen.

I purchased a Traveler’s Notebook and have been keeping my journal in there. Every morning when I get up to have my quiet time, I jot down a bit of what happened the previous day. Just a couple of lines.

Who knows? Maybe one day my kids or grand-kids will have fun reading them.

Do you keep a journal? Let me know down in the comments below.


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